ATCO Hauling is seeking a meticulous, conscientious, and tidy with a capital “T” Truck Washer to ensure our equipment is safe and squeaky clean for our professional drivers.

The Truck Washer is responsible for the inspection, maintenance, and cleaning of our truck cabins, cargo, and exteriors. This position is a fantastic opportunity for a new professional or high school student who wants valuable, first-hand experience working in the trucking industry. The Truck Washer reports to ATCO Hauling’s Foreman.


  • Equipment Cleaning
    • Cabins and interiors
      • Inspect unassigned or otherwise available trucks. Remove all trash and articles that are not company issue.
      • Remove and turn in to Truck Foreman all company property that is issued on an as needed basis, i.e., tools, equipment, chemicals, and cleaners.
      • Clean inside of cab and compartments. Remove all soils, spoils, and stains by whatever means necessary. Get guidance from Foreman if needed.
      • Finish cleaning all upholstery, weather seals, weather-stripping and glass.
      • Apply protectant to leatherette, vinyl, rubber, and plastic and wipe off excess.
      • Clean door threshold and jamb area.
    • Cargo areas
      • All dump truck bodies and dump trailer bodies must be checked for material stuck to the inner surfaces including the tailgate and tarp. All this residual material must be removed. Use necessary but appropriate means as needed. Consult Truck Foreman.
      • Inspect tarp system condition, report, and replace missing struts or spacers. Straighten bent components. Make sure sheet is rolled up straight.
      • Check tailgate latches for adjustment. Report any deficiencies to the Foreman.
    • Undercarriage
      • Decontaminate underside of all motor vehicles and trailers with degreaser and high-pressure hot water.
      • Scrape off residual material such as asphalt or tack, rust, and paint scale, with a putty knife. Apply SR-71 to clean bare metal.
    • Exteriors
      • Wash exterior of vehicles and trailers per Foreman’s instructions.


Monday – Friday
10 AM – 6:30 PM

  • Job type
  • non_driver
  • Salary
  • 14 / Hour
  • Required cdl class
  • -
  • Required endorsements
  • None