The Tire Technician is responsible for all tire maintenance delegated to them. They will repair and replace tires, service wheels, and understand the proper techniques for accomplishing these tasks. These techniques will be demonstrated for and trained into the individual holding the position, and no prior experience other than a willingness to perform the work and a basic understanding of mechanical work is required. As the the experience and knowledge of the individual occupying the position increases further tire maintenance tasks will be delegated to them. Tires are a significant percentage of a transportation fleet’s expenses and therefore, it is vital that the person in this position be regularly available and able to perform the tasks assigned and show an aptitude for understanding the life cycle and importance of the tires to a fleet’s bottom line.

The Shop Helper is responsible for general labor intensive work that goes into maintaining a fleet of trucks and trailers as well as the shop to work on them. Tasks will typically be verbally delegated to the individual fulfilling this role and comprise any number of jobs – cleaning equipment, cleaning the shop, helping a technician, rehabilitating equipment, general labor, etc… – which are all key to the reputation and public face of the companies. When our equipment and facilities look superb it will lead to our clients’ continued support of our business.

This is a full time position. The work environment is a Heavy Duty Truck & Trailer shop that is heated and insulated in the winter and typically open air in the summer. This position involves indoor and outdoor work around the facility so it will require weather appropriate dress. Uniforms will be provided at the company’s expense and typically take two weeks to come in. 


  • able to lift up to 100 lbs for short periods
  • able to push/pull up to 100 lbs for short periods
  • able to carry up to 75 lbs short distances
  • able to bend, stoop, crouch, and climb, regularly throughout the day
  • able to use hand, electric, & pneumatic tools
  • able to wear appropriate safety gear as each job requires (glasses, gloves, ear plugs, dust masks, etc…)
  • able to understand oral and written direction

  • Job type
  • non_driver